A Mayor Election, Beginning of Woman’s voting rights and the beginning of WWI and Lou G. Siegel, Inc. were making history in 1917. New York City grew up with the name as a restaurant of top quality kosher cuisine. Though the last meal in their traditional garment district kosher restaurant was served June 28, 1996, those 79 years prepared them for a grand scale modernistic approach of serving the USA.

Those first 79 years changed the course of world history more than any person could ever know. New York, the hub of the world, hungered for global attention and world leaders, dignitaries and the masses of garment district workers hungered for Lou G. Siegel’s elegant Glatt Kosher cuisine and catering.

Over white table cloths, financial deals were made, marriages arranged and performed, partners of industry strategized, importing and exporting of America’s goods materialized, nations were formed, inventions that modernized the world were scribbled on napkins, newspaper articles written that circled the globe, cartoon characters were created and yes it was Glatt. A strictly kosher food service establishment.

The history behind the scenes is just as important as the service provided. Over the many years just how many workers and their families have benefited from incomes and tips and how many garment workers were nourished and performed their duties providing for thousands and thousands of families with the living essentials, the traditions, the memories and stories that will remain a part of American history forever archived.

Most writers focus on the company and its services that gave them their claim to fame but overlook the bigger picture of what one idea that was thought, the opportunities that presented themselves the lives lived and made possible that one moment in time when birth was given to an idea. Such was the thoughts that were thought long before Lou G’s became a reality.

It was a progression of family histories who immigrated to this country, trades were begun familiar to the old country from where they came and what their specialties were and what dreams they had when they arrived in the land of good and plenty that led up to the thought of Lou G’s. How many dreams were dashed by circumstances of life and disappointment that drew the lifeblood out of dreamers when real world reality descended upon them? But out of all the thoughts that didn’t materialize into dream manifestations, Lou G. Siegel’s did.

1997 made way for Siegel’s catering commissary on 14th Street in Manhattan. The Internet opened more doors to efficiency and opportunity to continue their long held tradition of famously delicious food at your event exceeding your expectations.

Today, “Siegel’s” which no longer operates in the traditional setting, continues to produce scrumptious Glatt Kosher meals, from overstuffed sandwiches and delectable four course Entrees and Buffets, to quality and elegant catering for Executive & Corporate clientele, Hotels, Cruise Ships, Airlines and Travel meals. From 50 guests to 1,500. Weddings Bar/ Bat Mitzvahs, Corporate Dinners, Conventions, Organizational functions, or any function, Lou G. Siegel’s provides off premises catering at many leading Banquet Halls.