Traditional Dinner service for 2 Option #2

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A culinary staple of Ashkenazi cuisine, this succulent dinner for two is prepared with 2 Slices of gefilte fish with carrots and horseradish. Always a delicious and nutritious choice that is also renowned for its aphrodisiac qualities.

Shabbos Package traditional with Gefilte Fish

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2 x Challah rolls
1 x Grape juice
(Appetizer x 2)
2 Slice gefilte fish with carrots and horseradish
1 x 32oz. Chicken noodle soup with matzo balls
(Entrée x 2)
Stuffed dark chicken capon
4oz. Slaw roasted beef brisket
Potato kugel
Toasted egg barley (farfel) with sliced mushrooms
Sweet carrots (tzimes)
(Side salad) cole slaw
(Dessert) Apple rhubarb strawberry compote

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